27/07/2016 Knowledge and information about the entertainment, sports, technology and social activity markets

Welcome to the Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas Advogados website! Our purpose with this communication channel is to emphasize the interaction and exchange of experiences with clients, partners, and society in general.

We’ll be sharing our attorney’s information and thoughts here to help you make safer, informed decisions as a professional in the culture, entertainment, sports, technology, and the third sector.

Our News page will highlight public notices, normative instructions, bills, and other regulation or legislative updates that may affect our target audience’s operations.

In Publications, we’ll share articles and interviews featuring our attorneys in the media, as well as books and academic texts written by them.

In Events, we will list courses, talks, seminars, and debates featuring our attorneys in different locations in Brazil and abroad.

In Attorneys and Who We Are, we will introduce our offices and the attorneys that are part of our team.

Our site also lists our legal specialization areas and, more specifically, the services we provide to different markets: culture and entertainment, sports, technology and intellectual property, and the third sector.

In our 20 years of operation, we have had the privilege of working in each one of these market segments that have one important thing in common: the power to change and have an impact on society and people’s lives.

We hope this site can help us become even closer to the companies and organizations that are part of this ecosystem and continue to discuss the subjects that are relevant to this niche.

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