Solutions for all sport disciplines

Our offices offer legal support to different sports agents in a variety of disciplines.


Professional athletes.

Soccer clubs, institutes, associations, and foundations connected to sports.

Companies sponsoring sport activities and investors.

Sport television programs.



  • Contract preparation and analysis
  • Legal Actions
  • Starting a Business
  • Athlete Negotiations
  • Audiovisual production
    • Contract preparation and analysis

      Different types of contracts in Sports Law (employment, training, representation, facilitation, agency, sports marketing, image and media, sponsorship, events etc.).

    • Legal Actions

      Practice, active or passive suits arising from the Sport Law (Labor Justice, Civil, Criminal).

    • Starting a Business

      Legal and corporate tax advice when establishing companies to receive image rights or make a variety of investments in sports.

    • Athlete Negotiations

      Mediation of negotiation for athletes in Brazil and abroad.

    • Audiovisual production

      Legal advice on any sports audiovisual productions.

    • Litigations

      Extrajudicial counseling in litigations arising from different relationships in Sport Law (clubs, athletes, press, sponsors, sport administration entities etc.).

    • Business structuring in sports

      Establishing soccer schools, sport clinics, training centers, national and international investments etc.

    • Sports Incentive Law

      Legal advice on issues related to the Sports Incentive Law and its application to the legal relationship between investment firms and/or club sponsors, athletes, and events related to the area.

    • Lawsuits in Sports Justice

      Defense in disciplinary proceedings in Brazil and abroad, including in regards to entities connected to FIFA.

    • Doping

      Defenses in doping-related issues.