Legal Areas and Market

CQS Attorneys provides full service assistance in the following market segments:

In order to meet our clients’ needs in these four large segments, our firm practices within several legal areas, namely:

  • Business Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Industrial Property (Patent and Trademark Law)
  • Public Law
  • Sports Law
    • Business Law

      Focusing on the strategic partnerships with complete understanding of clients’ objectives in their different business and market operations.

      Our firm provides legal services related to: licensing, commercial representation, distribution, franchising, provision of services, confidentiality and non-competition, sponsorship, manufacturing, e-commerce, loans and financing.

    • Copyright Law

      Drafting opinions, studies, contract, and document assistance in the area of copyright and trademark law, publicity rights, and intellectual property rights.

      Copyright and trademark registration applications for works and trademarks, trademark licensing and cessation contracts, transfer of technology and other procedures of defense regarding registration applications submitted to the INPI [National Institute of Industrial Property] and the National Library Foundation, among other agencies.

      Creation of instruments adequate to the constitution, preservation or extinction of a specific legal relation. Coproduction contracts.

    • Environmental Law

      Complete legal consulting on topics related to environmental and urban law to minimize the risks of business activities in issues involving legislation, land use and occupation, as well as dealing with control agencies: from project conception and legal auditing to managing environmental liabilities on the administrative or judicial level.

    • Industrial Property (Patent and Trademark Law)

      Trademark, patent, utility model, software, data base protection, protection and negotiation of trademarks and transfer of technology.

      Application and monitoring of trademarks, patents, and utility model registration procedures.

      Technology transfer contracts.

      Trademark licensing and cessation contracts.

      Mechanisms for the prevention of unfair competition.

    • Public Law

      Lawsuits involving civil society and Public Administrations, in which we have recognized expertise in strategic planning focused on financing projects developed by private entities with public resources.

      Assistance to partnerships between the State and the Third Sector;

      Assistance in litigation procedures in general (competition, reverse auction, price bidding, invitations to bid);

      Legal assistance in creating and improving the regulatory framework (preparation of draft bills, decrees and other regulation acts) and monitoring of bills.

    • Sports Law

      Legal assistance to professional athletes from every discipline, as well as soccer clubs, sports institutes, associations, and foundations, sponsors, and any corporation involved in the sports industry, either directly or indirectly.

      Analysis, drafting, and revision of different types of contracts in sports law (employment, training, representation, facilitation, agency, sports marketing, image and media, sponsorship, events etc.)

    • Civil Litigation

      Our firm is in charge of the largest copyright and entertainment cases in Brazil. We manage mass tort litigation and strategic lawsuits.


      In addition to issues being litigated due to conflicts arising from phonographic, audiovisual and events planning markets, we can also highlight our participation in legal actions involving industrial property, such as trademarks and domain names, real estate and property law, administrative law and business law, consumer relations, advertising to children, and advertising of hazardous products.

    • Corporate Law

      Complete legal support for full corporate planning within Brazilian and multinational companies.

      Setting up firms and drafting all corporate documents in their diverse forms.

      Foreign capital registration with the Central Bank of Brazil.

      Drafting and revision of shareholder agreements, equity distribution agreements, equity stakes and/or assets buy-sell contracts, association contracts, among others.

      Corporate reorganization; mergers and acquisitions.

      Transparency and corporate governance.

    • Entertainment Law

      Tax planning: tax burden analysis according to each company and the possibility of using fiscal incentive mechanisms for cultural projects.

      Administrative request: sponsorship for client’s interests in cultural projects proposed in partnership with public authorities in charge of enforcing fiscal incentives laws for cultural projects, such as the Ministry of Culture and state and city governments.

      Administrative consulting: legal monitoring following tax and administrative law, and their links to fiscal incentives laws for cultural projects.

    • Internet Law

      Business structuring involving sites and content platforms; consulting and contractual assistance (licensing, cessation, terms of use etc.); Civil Rights Framework for Internet Use; privacy and intellectual property; digital media; digital technologies.

    • Real Estate and Property Law

      Document analysis; drafting for all kinds of instruments; purchase and sale agreements; cessation of rights to use contract; Commodatum (Gratuitous Loan) contracts; usufruct and lease contracts; real estate investment funds; mortgage companies; real estate financial system and income funds; purchase, sale, construction and financing contracts; modelling and legal structure of real estate ventures.

    • Tax Law

      Our firm has been actively involved in tax planning with the purpose of safely obtaning benefits from fiscal incentives, the observance of due application of tax laws, the precedents issued by the relevant bodies.

      Technical opinions regarding federal, state and local tax.

      Daily issues faced by companies regarding ancillary tax obligations.

      Activities of tax-immune entities and entities exempted from taxation.

      Fulfillment of regional and sectorial fiscal incentives.

      Treaties signed by the Brazilian government to avoid double income taxation.