30/04/2017 The Co-production Agreement between United Kingdom and Brazil goes into effect!

On March 30, 2017, after it had been passed at Brazilian Congress, the President of the Republic of Brazil, Michel Temer, signed the Decree nº 9.014/2017, which, after the formalization of the Brazilian Act by the United Kingdom Government, set forth the Co-production Agreement, putting an end to a long time wait to its enactment. This means that, finally, after almost five years, the cooperation between the audiovisual industries of both countries is official.

Similarly to other agreements signed by Brazil, the Co-production Agreement with the United Kingdom primary goals are the exchange of common and complemental characteristics, in order to foster the growth, the competitiveness and the enhance of the audiovisual industry and culture, stimulating the production of audiovisual works that reflect the cultural diversity and the traditions of both countries.

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